Takhtbai Tour

The Buddhist monastic complex of Takhtbai (Throne of Origins) was founded in the early 1st century. It is located about 80 kms from Peshawar and 16 kms northwest of the city of Mardan. Its position on the crest of a high hill, helped it to escape successive invasions and is still exceptionally well preserved. Nearby are the ruins of Sahr-i-Bahlol, a small fortified city of nearly the same period. The ruins of an ancient Buddhist monastery are situated on the top of a 500 feet high hill. This site has produced fragmentary sculptures in stone and stucco that indicate the highly developed sculptural sense of their creators. The design and arrangement of the range of small shrines, which surrounds the main stupa-court, is most remarkable. The group of buildings unearthed after archeological excavations at Takhtbai include; the court of many Stupas, the monastery, the main stupa, the assembly hall, the low-level chambers, the courtyard, the court of three stupas, the wall of colossi and the secular building.